Brandi Rosgen B.Ed, ACH, MACP, MPCC
Brandi Rosgen B.Ed, ACH, MACP, MPCC
Airdrie, Alberta
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R, Stettler - I was a huge emotional eater. I an still amazed when I have a bad day (or week) and the Ben & Jerry's doesn't come out!

Stettler - I still can't get over going to a restaraunt and ordering a salad when I thought what I was looking forward to was a big steak and baked potatoe! Then really enjoying the salad!

R.W. Castor, Alberta - I had been gaining weight since the birth of my second son, four years ago, and had tried everything but couldnít seem to make anything stick.  I was at a point of desperation when I called Brandi.  I had found myself declining nights out because I was so worried about what I was going to wear, who was going to see me and how they were going to judge me.  Iíve lost 12 pounds (and still loosing).  I feel and look so much better.  The hypnosis makes it seem so easy and natural.  I was craving vegetables and enjoying them!  Exercising became fun and something I looked forward to (and still do).  I really enjoy getting my heart rate up and working hard! Brandi really helped.

Donalda - No calorie counting, no starving, no wanting and not being able to have!  I just learned to listen to my own thoughts and cravings and to naturally respond to them - what a concept!  Who knew all this time, all the diets (and disappointments) that I had all I needed right in my own mind?   Hypnosis is a long term understanding that I know what to eat, when to eat and how much and I always have that understanding with me - it never goes away!
Alix, Alberta - Iíve had weight issues for as long as I can remember.  Iíve tried so many diets and   exercise programs I couldnít even begin to list them.  I had experienced success many times in the past but I always gained the weight back and while I was loosing the diets or exercise always seemed like torture!  I think my favorite thing about the hypnosis is that there is none of that. I seemed to really crave and enjoy the food that was healthy- no starving no denying myself.  I was really thirsty for water and the exercise feels good (I didnít have to talk myself into it).  The hypnosis made it real.

Castor, Alberta - I new I was an emotional eater but I had always been able to control it enough that I could stay at a reasonable weight.  I had slowly been loosing control over the last few years though.  Every year I was gaining more and was no longer able to loose the weight.  After only a few sessions my own signals of being full were so obvious I could not longer eat my way through them.  

B.N, Stettler - I really see the goodies at work, notice they look good and thatís it!  I have a clear ďknowingnessĒ of what I crave and desire and itís no longer junk.  I loved the Hypnosis it seems so normal to eat for health and strength.

P, Stettler - I could go all day without eating and then by the evening was so hungry I would gorge and would eat until I went to bed.  My own feelings of hunger and being full became so noticeable thhat I now eat when Iím hungry and stop when Iím full and itís easy!  Brandiís amazing!

J.C., Stettler - The enjoyment that exercise gives is so fulfilling itís hard to imagine that I ever had trouble staying with it.  I look forward to the exercise and I enjoy it while Iím doing it.  I am so aware of how good it feels to exercise regularly that not doing no longer enters my mind!

P., Stettler - I get ready for a night out and look forward to a big meal at the restaurant but when I sit down and order I really want a salad.  No tricks, I donít have to convince myself and I donít feel sorry for myself.  I eat what I deserve really I enjoy it.

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